Australia announces additional points test for students with doctorate-level and masters

The Australian government has just announced Migration Regulation Amendments, which include an additional 5 migration points for ‘Specialist Education Qualifications’

The amendment came into effect on 10th September 2016

The change is a part of the visa changes being brought under the National Innovation and Science Agenda in order to attract the “best and the brightest” skilled people to Australia.

What are the requirements to claim the extra points?

Persons claiming this additional 5 migration points will need to satisfy the following:

- Been awarded a Doctoral Degree or a Master Degree by Research by an Australian Educational Institution;

- At least two academic years’ study at the institution in a field of education listed below:

Fields of Education gaining the five extra points

Natural and Physical Sciences:

- Biological Sciences

- Chemical Sciences

- Earth Sciences

- Mathematical Sciences

- Natural and Physical Sciences

- Physics and Astronomy

Information Technology

- Computer Science

- Information Systems

- Information Technology

- Other Information Technology

- Engineering and Related Technologies

Aerospace Engineering and Technology

- Civil Engineering

- Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology

- Engineering and Related Technologies

- Geomatic Engineering

- Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

- Maritime and Engineering Technology

- Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology

- Other Engineering and Related Technologies

- Process and Resources Engineering

What does it mean for applicants?

This amendment may enable applicants who are short of 5 migration points to meet the threshold of points test.
It may also enable the applicants claiming these 5 points to jump out of the queue to receive an invitation for visa application earlier after submitting their EOIs.


The Australian student visa is approved only if combined with an accredited course provided by a registered Australian Education Provider, College or University. The Student Visa is linked to the confirmation of enrolment (COE = Confirmation of Enrolment), which identifies the start and end date of the course.

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