July 8, 2015


In my first post I would like to talk about an issue that raised a few eye brows among former colleagues, located at Israel, India and the United States, and the issue was my move to Australia (and some would even say – “If Australia, why Melbourne and not Sydney?”). Fortunately for me, I realized I would like to move down under more than 6 years ago.

At that time I was a tech lead (and co-founder) of the startup “Cellerium”, and due to personal reasons I could not continue my work there. After being pumped with all the adrenaline of the “making” as a co founder in a startup of 4 people , I asked myself “What now?” A friend and former colleague introduced me with an opportunity to interview for a Chicago-based Algo-trading company, but after investigating the visa conditions (H1B) my spouse vetoed the united states, as she could not work there, so we started looking for alternatives, and came with the idea to become permanent residents of Australia, based on its skilled migration program.

We took a trip to Australia (and got married during the trip), and in Melbourne, we met an Israeli couple, Shai and Rinat, who explained us about the software development “scene” here in Australia, and in Melbourne in particular. To understand where I come from one must realize that the Tel Aviv metropolitan and its suburbs is ranked 2nd to the Silicon valley in California when it comes to its innovation in software development, whereas Sydney is 12th and Melbourne is ranked 18. (More details can be found in this link).

To us Israelies, it is only natural to live in an innovative surrounding , where you constantly hearing about a childhood friend who joined a certain IT related company or some funky startup, or got promoted, or got relocated to the states. Here in Australia, things are different:

A. A good tradesman can make more money than an IT guy.

B. The topnotch students do not necessary study IT related subjects.

C. As a truly multicultural country, our IT related firms are also multi cultural, and you can find people with many backgrounds (You can claim to some extent the same happens in Israel, however the vast majority of migrants in the last 20 years came from former USSR, so usually in the IT related industry you will find there either Israeli born (“Tsabar”) people, or migrants from former USSR).

The sudden shift, from being “on top of the Olympus” to “just an average migrant” in Australia, can be somewhat shocking,  not to mention most migrants migrate here without securing a job , and the process of finding a job here may not run as smoothly as expected.

To conclude, I would like to state that software development roles do exist here.

We have IT consultancies, e-commerce companies, banks and other financial institutions, universities and the education sector, and even product based companies  – all these require IT professionals, and software engineers.

I will cover topics like how to increase your chances to securing a good job, and various other issues (some more technology specific) in my future posts.

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